In fact, the first question I get asked is why I’m running for city council? We are all blessed to be living in a great country and more blessed to be living in the City of Dearborn, hometown of Henry Ford. We unquestionably live in a great city and it is my intention, objective, and goal to improve on the greatness of our city.

  • As you know we live in precarious times and it is a time that we need to do more with less
  • We need to improve on our services to our seniors
  • We need to address our property taxes,
  • We need to be tough on crime to keep the city of Dearborn safe.
  • We need to make sure we are making all the right decisions to ascertain that we leave to our kids a better city than we found
  • We need to make sure our police officers are well paid and we have enough police force on the streets to make sure that our city is safe.
  • We need to make sure our fire department is well funded and in that respect we need to have our first responders taking care of.
  • It’s unfortunate that the united states represents less 4 % of the world population but we have 99% of drug consumption, obviously drugs is a problem, is a problem in our schools, sometimes even in our household in our family. I will make sure that as a city council person to make sure that those people who come to Dearborn and they are disturbing drugs or possessing drugs are dealt with according to our laws and they are subject to be to fullest extent of the law
  • Regarding the traffic accidents, I make sure that our police department are fully equipped with latest technology to crack down on violators and I will definitely seek with state representative and state senators to make sure that legislations is introduced at the state level to make it a crime to make a civil infraction for people to text and drive and to be and prevent and distraction while driving, I do understand that there are lots of people who are on the streets and they aren’t experienced to drivers yet and definitely cars accident are the results of congestions and more cars and more people on the streets, but we will make sure that our police department has the support and sufficient man power to crack down on violators and to make sure they are dealt with appropriately.
  • Senior Citizens, I would look at the services provided by our city to our seniors and if they are and there is always room to improve on it, if there is any way to improve on those services I would definitely consider it and to make sure our seniors are protected within their living compounds and their needs are taking care of and if there any area of lacking I will definitely study the issue, and I will welcome any suggestions and recommendations from citizens any input from citizens throughout, if I am elected throughout my term I will have an open door policy and anyone who has ideas any suggestions and runs to any issues that should be addressed please bring to my attention and I will commit to you I will act on it and it will not go unanswered.

This will be one of my agenda items.
We need to debate and discuss all the issues and I will be always being accessible to all of you, whether it’s an issue that has something to do with your business or something to do with our entire city I will give both the same attention.

Dearborn is the hometown of Henry Ford and has always had a robust economy. We had a few years of recession that we suffered from just like all other cities around us. However a great revitalization around us is West Dearborn, where we have great businesses and entrepreneurs as well as in East Dearborn. I will insure that the process for getting licensing and zoning be expedited. It’s a simple process to attract businesses without compromising our building codes, safety codes, fire codes, and/or our security.

Many may not know that most of our streets are either managed by the State (MDOT) or Wayne County. Even if we want to fix these streets, we don’t have the authority to while some are streets controlled by the city. If any of our streets need repair, I will work with Dearborn Public Works and the administration. As the legislator and not the administrator, I will work closely with the administration and Mayor to make sure that our city streets are in top condition and the best shape as we will try to allocate the funds needed to take care of that issue. My doors will be open for any citizen with any suggestion(s), input, and/or complaints and assure you that I put on the City Council agenda for discussion.

On Public Service Day, I understand that cars have to be out of the streets not only to make sure that garbage is collected properly, but to clean the sewers and streets as well. I understand that it may be an issue for a lot of residents with more cars in their households but I will emphasize again that I will work closely with the Mayor and administration to try to find solutions for these problems. and it became a problem where is no sufficient parking we will work with the department of public service and with the police department to see if any solution than can be improvise, they go to the police department and dep of public work and apply for permit

Homelessness is a nationwide issue and not only confined to the City of Dearborn. However, we will try to have our Police Department pay more attention to those who are homeless and direct them to the many shelters available for them as assisting and connecting them with social agencies to take care of them.