Substance Abuse

I am committed to providing support for substance abuse prevention and intervention programs and engaging youth in understanding the legal and social impacts of substance abuse.


Dearborn is a multi-cultural, diverse, and inclusive community. I hope to continue efforts of embracing diversity in management, services & activities; being a city that celebrates inclusivity.

Community Policing

It is important that law enforcement is not only providing protection for residents, but serve the community through opportunities for public education and community engagement activities

Investigating Drug Activities

It is vital that we have enough law enforcement to work on investigations related to manufacturing & the delivery of drugs. We need to protect our community from drug dealers & illegal substances.


It is imperative that senior citizens have access to quality care, resources, and services that are at a minimal cost so they can continue being active, staying healthy, and living in a safe community


We have watched as corruption and criminal activity has occurred in our city & in the metro area. We need to hire quality individuals, hold officials & employees accountable & ensure integrity is #1

Property Taxes

City council should review property tax charges in comparison to other cities and ensure that residents are getting the quality services they deserve as a result of the property taxes being paid.

Clean Air

With an industrial area in town, we must ensure companies are up to code and working on “green” projects that benefit the residents of Dearborn, our Earth, and contribute to a healthier environment


It is a priority to make sure our city has enough police and fire to serve and protect our residents and provide quality service to residents and visitors.