Welcome! Thank you for joining me, Ramez “Zack” Haidar, as I run for a position on the Dearborn City Council. Your support is appreciated!

Dearborn is a city rich in history, diversity, and multiculturalism. As a proud Dearborn resident for over 30 years, I
have watched our city evolve and understand the needs of our residents and our city government.

Spending the majority of my adult life, studying in Metro Detroit, marrying and raising a family in Dearborn, I have shared in many opportunities for understanding, advancement, and success. Through my employment, I have gained knowledge and experience in the field of Electrical Engineering, understanding the structural and developmental needs of our city, while raising my children provided me the ability to recognize the needs of our youth, understanding the issues they face in school, and how to best address the societal and governmental concerns of our younger generation.

Having volunteered my services to protect and serve residents of Wayne County over the years, achieving the position of Commander, working in law enforcement has provided me with experiential opportunities to understand the needs of both residents and law enforcement agencies.

I have a strong desire to preserve our city’s rich diversity, secure our economic future, and support efforts to ensure equal access to quality and necessary resources, for all residents in Dearborn.

I am committed to further advancing our city and keeping it a place where residents, no matter their age, ethnic origin, gender, faith, or affiliations, can grow, flourish, and call Dearborn, “home.”

I have proudly raised my children in our beautiful city and care deeply about ensuring quality of life for all residents in Dearborn. My ability to build strong relationships, work with integrity, understand the needs of government agencies and residents, and recognize the importance of inclusion in diverse communities, makes me a strong choice for service on the Dearborn City Council.

My friends, it would be an honor to be of service to you with the Dearborn City Council team. We are blessed to live in this remarkable city, with a rich history and commitment to community, in a nation that has afforded us a wealth of opportunity.

God bless Dearborn, its residents, and the United States of America!